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Australian Aircraft Kits is proud to present the Hornet STOL (Short Take-off and Landing), an innovative all-metal aircraft ideal for mustering**


** To conduct an aerial mustering operation you need to hold the correct operational rating (low level) and the appropriate endorsement (aerial mustering). See CASA Flight Crew Licensing Part 61 – Operational Ratings.


The Hornet STOL has been designed by Ole Hartmann and manufactured since 2003 by the dedicated team at Australian Aircraft Kits in Taree.

Hornet STOLAt its public debut at Natfly 2004, the Hornet and its designer were awarded "Most Innovative Ultralight Design 2004" by the Australian Ultralight Federation, now Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus).

A GA-registered Hornet STOL, flown by a GA pilot with the correct rating and endorsement, is a versatile, affordable and exciting alternative to conventional mustering aircraft. It meets the toughest demands of professional and recreational bush flying and is widely used as an airborne utility vehicle by bush pilots and recreational pilots around Australia.

With steadily increasing fuel prices and the high fuel consumption of most aircraft used for mustering, the Hornet STOL offers a hugely appealing alternative. It has proved to be ideal for mustering, prospecting, pipe line, bore and fence inspecting, property management, aerial baiting, and hunting & fishing

Features include

    • very economical fuel consumption with low operating and maintenance costs
    • excellent manoeuverability and visibility
    • a fully-enclosed and very roomy cockpit
    • two side-by-side seats
    • durable construction and a high safety standard airframe with a long service life
    • easy and agile STOL performance due to its good power to weight ratio, high lift wing, light wing loading, large control surfaces and exceptional rate of climb
    • smooth, easy and precise controls throughout its speed range of 30knts to 90knts making it highly positive, crisp and responsive

Mustering Charlie

For Operators

    • Safe, versatile and easy-to-fly ultility light aircraft
    • Low operating costs
    • Low acquisition costs
    • Low maintenance costs on airframe and systems
    • Pilotable by a GA licenced pilot (RAAus pilots in RAAus-registered aircraft are not permitted to undertake mustering operations)
    • Superior after-sales service, fast and reliable technical support across Australia

For Pilots

    • Excellent STOL performance
    • Roomy 2-seat side by side (tandem coming) cockpit with outstanding visibility
    • Crisp and easy controls for long hours of flying
    • Docile and forgiving flight handling matched by high;ly responsive and effective controls, ideal for mustering ops and propoerty management
    • Agile performance aircraft with 100hp-150-hp motorisation available
    • Extra large cargo area with access door
    • Integrated chrome-molly steel cage for extra strength and safety
    • Airframe and controls designed for minimum maintenance requirements
    • Full metal airframe using certified materials purchased in Australia
    • Rugged undercarriage suitable for rough terrain with wheel sizes available from standard 8" X 6" up to 29" X 6" low pressure - heavy-duty breakes systems, snow skis or floats available
    • Removable doors, ideal for flying in hot conditions
    • Hard points for external cargo, wings and fuselage
    • External and internal long range tanks available
    • Additional equipment available including seed tanks & spreaders, fencepost carrier compartments, auxiliary refueling pump systems, mustering sirens and wailers, GPS tracking, helmets and safety gear.

For Property Owners Requiring Mustering, Aerial Baiting and Seeding Services

    • We can arrange aerial services for you - to find out more, call Ole Hartmann on 02 6553 8100 or email

View from the cockpit

Production and Service

Australian Aircraft Kits manufactures a range of STOL aircraft at its factory in Taree NSW.

  • Hornet STOL
  • Hornet AG Ulitity (a 4-seater version of the Hornet STOL)
  • Wasp GT (a nose wheel mustering and observation aircraft)
  • ***New*** a tailored mustering tandem STOL aircraft

Our aircraft are supplied as fully-built NTC aircraft or in kit form. They are built to requirements with many extras available. Airframe kits cotian all the parts needed to complete the entire airframe assembly to the stage of engine installation, instrumentation and electrical wiring.

Check out our Australian Aircraft Kits web site for more detail.


Ole Hartmann: Managing Director and Chief Designer, Test Pilot and L2 Engineer
Phone: 02 6553 8100 Mob: 0429 165 495 Email:

Brian Wood: Operations Manager, Engineer and Dispatch Manager
Phone : 02 6553 8100 Email:

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